My Pets

I have had many pets but here is a selection of my more recent ones. I hope you love them as much as I do.

Tech at full stretch

This is Technical Support. She is a pesky little rascal who is into everything. Her other names include Winnie Whinge, Burb, Tiger and Runt in the Weeds.

Here you can see her investigating a reported sound failure problem. While she checks out the connections at the back of the speaker, her boyfriend (Giggsy) keeps a lookout for wild wolves.

Check Tiger's busy schedule

Ellie on guard

Another pet I own is Ellie. Other names for her are Rock, Pupae, Elsa and Fickness. She is the General of the Yellow Army. These fearless, statuesque stalwarts retain their positions on guard duty 24/7, unflinching, unmoving, knowing that they are in constant danger of being overrun by wild hunting packs. At any moment they could be attacked from any direction and yet they stand, erect, awake and alert, even when placed in guard positions others would shirk (e.g. in drains!). As a General, Ellie is excellent at her job. At the first sign of danger, she barks ferociously and retires well back out of harms way, leaving the irrepressible Yellow Army to save the day.

Here you can see Ellie in the "Alert" position ready for instant action.

Polly doing what she does best

Now if you want to see sophistication, just take a look at Polly. Polly is a surrogate FluffyMummy and goes by various names including Doods, Slutmas, Doodlebug and Polls. She can slut for the universe and has no problem slutting at a seconds notice.

Nothing is too difficult for Polly since she doesn't actually do anything.

His fat adorable self

My scrummiest pet was Sqweek. Unfortunately, he is now chasing cats in heaven. You could always tell when he was near because you could hear "waddle waddle waddle" as he made his furry way across the floor. When he was younger, he was brave and fearless, taking on cats without a second thought. In middle age, he spread. When he got old he frequently fell off the arms of chairs (as you do when you're old and can't see properly). You could hear a distinct plop as his fat pounded the floor on landing - The fat is a natural effect of age and oncoming sight loss - it is there purely for the protection of falling from small heights. Sqweek also liked to be known as Mr. F, Fat Lump and Squeeeeeeek!
His species, now extinct, is known as the Lesser Spotted Roundfatrat or scrumptious Mr F to us! A rare recording believed to be a mating call was detected on equipment being used for something else - the human ear cannot detect this sound under normal circumstances but we have been able to filter the frequency which you can hear by clicking the icon below!!
Hear his mating call!

Would you cross this handsome beast?