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This page is dedicated to a me, an ordinary household flabby tabby. I am four years old and of tiny build - hence the name TABLET (like TAB 'cos I'm tabby (and white) in colour and small like a TABLET - you understand? My efforts keeping the house and it's gadgets running smoothly is recognised in the form of this web page letting everyone know how hard I work. I've even thrown in some pictures of ME @ WORK.

The thing that's called the Whingery* is where I sleep at night. When I want to be let in or out of my Whingery I make a noise that sounds like WHINGE.  Winnie Whinge is another nickname other than TABLET although my REAL name is TIGER.

Hear me WHINGE!!

The average working day is spent like this:

I spend the night in my Whingery because being such a workaholic I can't be trusted testing my humans things at night after they've gone to bed. I'm only a moggy and sometimes in my efforts to check things I break something else and my humans get upset.

You will notice that nearly all of my work is done in the latter part of the day but sometimes there will be a change in the order of my duties. Some jobs take longer on some days than on others.

Occasionally I bring down large house spiders as part of my job but this is done for my favourite human rather than for sport (not that there's anything wrong with my hunting although I like to practice and show my humans how its done). You see, house spiders and my favourite human do not get on. I try to help by showing her one and instead of running towards the spider to hunt it down, she runs away from it? She would have no problem climbing trees since she climbs furniture exceptionally well (when running from a spider!!)

The annual wage packet for this work is 2,000p which isn't that much considering all I do. I even get my people a shrew or vole for their Sunday dinner but this usually disappears in mysterious circumstances. Sometimes I catch a small garden turkey - usually the brown one with the red boob but my humans get upset. I don't think they like Chaffinch or Robin turkey. Below are some examples of me at work. Click on the underlined blue words for a bigger view of me on an ordinary day @ work...

By the way, that black and white moggy on the left is my apprentice and as usual instead of learning from me, he'd rather be thinking about (or doing) other things!

Checking the sound quality

Sound quality

Checking the monitor

Monitor check

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